SO GUYS my best friend’s boyfriend is starting a YouTube channel to start out his future career as a motivational speaker! This video is the introduction to his channel and is approx 5 min long. I think it’s a great cause, and I think you will too. 

His goal is to help people with depression and other issues work through them and live in a healthier, happier way. He just wants to help others, to be honest. 

So now I ask that you please, please just take a look at it and reblog so that others will see it as well. 

Have a lovely day!


im just an asshole with feelings


The Front Bottoms - Mountain(x)


The Front Bottoms - Mountain(x)

I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody. And the more that I care about someone, the more sure I am they’re going to get tired of me and take off.
Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl (via hqlines)
My soon to be motivational speaker now has a twitter! Check him out if you want motivational quotes to get you through your day and if you want to know when his next video will be uploaded!
Find out who you are!

My boyfriend motivational speaking continues!

Please give us a view!